Those Nasty Tantrums

Ten Ways To Tame a Tantrum

Tantrums will come; ohhh they will come.How we handle them is very important to our child’s developement.We must always remain in control of the situation.Don’t allow your child to cause you to have a melt down.Stay calm and cool.These ten suggestions will help you to  tame your child’s tantrum.

1. Ignore your child: I have found ignoring the tantrum works quite well.This can seem somewhat not compassionate but give it a try.You may be surprised.

2. Give your child some space: Your child may be trying to do something on their own.Maybe he want’s to solve the issue himself.A little space to do that may be what he needs. He may need to be left alone to get the anger out himself.

3. Create a diversion: You could try to get your child’s attention on something else.Changing the subject to something fun usually works wonders.I have found this to be very successful.

4. Find out what is upsetting your child: This is more for the 18 to 22 month range.With a vocabulary of about 50 words it can sometimes be hard for your child to tell you what’s wrong.Ask them to show you what’s wrong.They may point to the problem.It could be a toy they can’t reach or something else simple.

5. Offer food or suggest some R & R: Your child could be hungry or tired.Children become cranky if they’re tired or hungry.Sometimes all they need is a simple snack.Or you can simply hold  your child to relax him.

6. Give hugs: This may feel like the last thing you want to do when your kid is freaking out, but it really can help him settle down. I’m talking about a big, firm hug, not a supercuddly one. And don’t say a word when you do it.This gives your child a sense of security and lets him know you care.

7. Give incentive to behave: This is geared towards older toddlers. For example if you are going to a restaurant offer an incentive for good behavior such as letting him watch a video when you get home. An incentive can go a long way.

8. Speak calmly: This is a biggie,  and is much easier said than done.When your child is having a tantrum they are looking for attention.You want to yell back at them but don’t do it.It will only escalate the problem.Keep your cool.It’s much better to stay calm and in control.Talking in a soothing voice shows your child that you’re not going to let his behavior get to you.

9. Laugh it off: Every parent dreads public tantrums, for obvious reasons. You worry what other parents will think.When your child acts up in front of people, don’t give in  and give him what he wants. Just put on your happy face and stay calm.Your child will learn that public tantrums are not going to work.

10. Get  out of there: Getting  your child away from the scene of the tantrum can snap him out of it. It’s also a great strategy when you’re out and about. If your child starts melting down over a toy or candy bar he wants, pick him up and take him either to a different area of the store or outside until he calms down. Changing the surroundings  can really change the behavior.


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